Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Op Shop Haul - LUX, Pied A Terre, Dune and M&S Autograph

It's week 5 of unemployment and I'm officially on a spending ban.

The problem is, I can't help taking a look when I pass an thrift store. In London, there are heaps of them. I even live around the corner from one!

Yesterday I found this purple LUX (from Urban Outfitters) batwing wool knit for £7. It's tagged as medium so I told myself to put it down and walk away. I went home and came back 20 minutes later because I could'nt stop thinking about it!

It was originally intended to be a lounging-around-at-home top. In the photo above, I'm wearing it over a IRO slip dress with a Longchamp belt and Dune kitten heels.

On the return visit, these Dune heels had made it to the rack. They were £8 so I rationalised that I needed a comfy pair of work heels. (Eventually.)

Today I found an oversized clutch from M&S Autograph. It's in brand new condition and the leather smells intoxicating. I just want to smell it all day!

The clutch is mushroom grey with purple stitching. It's main feature is the intricate "fortune teller origami" design on the front.

The clutch had two price tags, £3.99 and £4.99. The sales lady kindly let me have it for the cheaper price.

As I was leaving the store, a random ankle boot caught my eye. It was from Pied A Terre and had the softest broken-in leather. I normally consider it to be a cardinal sin for Asians to wear brown (let alone, with black) but when I tried these on, I was hooked.

The boot did'nt have a price tag so the sales lady quoted £4.99. I found the other boot on different shoe rack and bought them.

It was'nt until I got home, I realised the other boot had the price tag. It was marked £6.99. Yay, an even better bargain!


  1. What a gorgeous outfit!!! That belt you're wearing, I love it :)

  2. Wow what bargains! I wish Aust has bargains like that!

    I do hope you get a job soon...I was on a shopping ban myself for a bout 2.5 months and failed miserably! It was such a miserable time!

    It must be harder in London with Topshop and H&M!

  3. Thanks for the kind words girls! :)

    bowsnhearts: indeed, a shopping ban only works if you have nerves of steel in London!



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