Monday, January 7, 2013

Daiso Stuff - Double Cleansing Face Wash, Aloe Bubbling Makeup Remover, Hand Cream

If you ask anyone who knows me, I sometimes get obsessed over buying stuff. For example while I have more than a years supply of toiletries stocked up at home, I bought more stuff at Daiso.

Daiso has been a new discovery and although its slightly overpriced in Oz ($2.80 per item), it's still good value. Hankering for a new face wash, I set my sights on the popular charcoal face wash but it was sold out in Merrylands and Chatswood. I bought the double cleansing face wash instead. A high foaming thick cream wash. The weather in Sydney is really hot and humid so I need a heavy duty wash to get the crap off my face.  A tiny bit foams alot and leaves my skin squeaky clean. A little bit drying but that feeling subsides after 10 mins.

The Aloe Bubbling Make Up Remover will replace my oil cleanser at home. (Will update this post later after I use it.) And a hand cream which I bought it solely for the sleek tube packaging. The cream itself leaves my skin soft and it absorbs quickly.

 There's very little or no English on these products but I like it as it's unique and cute. 

I also bought a back massager thing which looks rather like a sex toy. You're supposed to knock yourself with it, loosening your muscles. Works well as a back scratcher too!   

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