Tuesday, January 1, 2013

BOE Nail Polish, Liquid Eyeliner and Curling Mascara

I'm back in Oz for three weeks! Its great to be home with the sunshine. It's new years day so happy new year to you all!

Today I was wondering around my local area and saw that Big W stock a cosmetics brand called BOE. The makeup is made in China and priced at $2 each. Yep, only $2 so being the cheapskate that I am, I could'nt wait to try out a few of the products.

1) Nail polish in Red Hot. It's a fun bright red with a jelly consistency. It dries fairly quickly and the bottle looks like OPI but that's where the similarities end. I'm wearing two coats in the photo. The nail polish stinks until it's fully dry. It's streaky if you don't apply thick even coats and dries a little matte. No matter considering the cost and it serves more as "toy nail polish" as it chips easily. There were other on-trend colours in stock but I will not buy again.

) Liquid Eyeliner in black noir. Not worth the $2 because the pigmentation is terrible. It has a felt tip applicator and staying power is average. No smudges but it wears off over a few hours. The best cheap liquid eyeliner is Wet n Wild waterproof.

3) Curling Mascara. I only bought this because I read a review that said it actually curls but it did'nt for me. I liked the sleek packaging and the brush. The wand is bent so I found it easier to get to my lashes without clumping. I have curl resistant lashes anyway so there was little chance of this working. It does'nt make your lashes feel stiff but it does'nt lengthen or volumize so I don't recommend this.

Overall I would'nt buy BOE products again.


  1. I saw this brand in Big W today and surprised at its $2 for each item. Bought a Bottle of nail polish in colour #81 and lip stick in colour Pink
    Sadly, the brush in the nail polish bottle is quite terrible and the colour looks quite nice in the bottle but terrible on nails. it is not smooth at all.....I swop to another clean brush and tried, same disappointing result.

    About the lip colour, looks not bad, however, it doesnt show good colour on my lip. My lip is not too dark nor too light..sign..

    Never go back to this brand any more...

    1. Agreed! I always want to love good value products but this brand was disappointing for me.



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