Monday, January 14, 2013

The Movado Watch With A Broken Heart

Just an update on the vintage watch I bought from the charity shop. I tried getting it repaired cheaply from a local trusted repairer and was told that the movement needs to be replaced by Movado.

So I took it to two expert watch repairers in the city, (one recommended by Movado) and both came to the same conclusion. Apparently the damage was done by an incompetent watch repairer because there was no way it could have been caused by ordinary use. No wonder it was donated to the charity shop! Because the mainspring, the part that winds it up is tangled, there's no way the balance wheel can function so it's a watch with a broken "heart".

The watch is early 1960s so finding the right part at reasonable cost is impossible. It will forever be a broken watch unless I can find someone in the UK who can replicate the replacement parts. I feel rather heartbroken myself of this outcome!

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