Monday, January 7, 2013

Ulta3 Nail Colour Bouquet

Now that I'm home on holidays it's like the good old days when I was unemployed and blogged about cheap nail polish.

I found this one in the bargain bin at Target for $1.50. I had no idea they sold Ulta3 but it looks like they're getting rid of it now. Same for Sinful Colors as I passed a stand with their nails polishes on sale at half price.

Bouquet is Barbie pink with an electric blue sheen. A blast from the 80s. I think it was a fairly popular colour back then as I'm sure I owned a Cutex like it with the long white tapered lid (remember those???). This colour is  dupe of Urban Decay Trip

I'm wearing two coats here and it gives a fantastic pop of colour. The finish is glorious although you have to be patient and let it completely dry to end up with a smooth glossy coat.

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