Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kumarika Nourishing Hair Oil

The benefits of a henna treatment seem to wash out quickly on me. Its been less than a week or two washes and my hair is tangly again. My hair kept caught onto christmas trees as I walked past them today!

My girlfriend brought my back a bottle of this Kumarika hair oil Sri Lanka. She says everyone uses King Coconut Oil there to nourish their scalp and make hair grow. In Sri Lanka it's not unusual to oil your hair and leave it in all day. But it's not a socially acceptable thing to do in the western world. She says that there is a big difference to her hair and her sister's, who lives in Sri Lanka. Of course genetics plays a part but apparently oiling your hair, eating gelatin from meat products and maintaining a healthy diet is the reason why hair grows thicker.  

I was excited to try king coconut oil. It's also made with rice, but I'm not sure how. There has to be mineral oil in this because there's no way coconut oil can stay liquid at this time of the year. Still, I'm willing to give it a try because my girlfriend raves about it. 

The bottle contains an ornamental sprig of rice. I tried googling for the ingredients but couldn't find anything. There are no instructions on the label. 

The oil is very light and gives smoothness and shine. It will still make hair look stringy if you use too much but no way as bad as pure coconut oil.  There is a tolerable scent that goes away after a while. I like how there's a stopper with a little hole on the top so you can control how much comes out. This oil is more for smoothing down frizzies and ends and oiling the scalp. 

This is definitely nicer smelling and lighter than the alma oils and heenara oils I've tried. And the bottle is also the prettiest!

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