Sunday, December 14, 2014

9 All Natural Haircare Practices-What Works And What Didn't

It's been a year since I started using natural hair products and it's been fun experimenting. I've saved cash from ditching the manufactured products and the unnecessary chemicals too!

1) Co-washing:

It's useful when you need a light wash but still have to shampoo the next day. Co-washed hair becomes flatter and greasier faster than shampooed hair. I co-wash because I go to the gym almost everyday and can't stand sweaty hair. I use Tressemme Naturals.

2) Using Ayurvedic Herbs For Washing Hair:

My staples are shikikai and aritha powders. They gently clean and remove drandruff. As for other herbs like alma, maka, tulsi and brahmi, I add them to my cleansing mix but it's hard to tell if they do anything. I guess that's what happens when you use too many things at once. I know shikikai and aritha works so I'll only replace the"shikritha" powders when they run out.

3) Oiling Hair: 

I used to oil my ends and no matter what I used, coconut, olive, almond, jojoba, avocado, grapeseed, rosehip oils, I would get stringy looking hair. For coconut, grapeseed and rosehip oils, my hair would feel even drier than before. Avocado is my favorite oil because it feels the most nourishing. But no oil makes my hair feel moisturised. It just coats it. As for oiling the scalp and hair overnight, I've never done it consistently enough to know if it makes a difference but it's too messy. I only oil my hair before a gym session, when I know I have to wash it out soon.

4) Black Jamaican Castor Oil: 

Yes indeed this works. I can't explain how but it's regrown hair for me. Every few nights I massage a few drops on where my hair has thinned out and it's regrown to how my hair was in my early twenties. When I'm oiling my hair, I use this on my scalp. Sometimes I'd thin it out with Kumarika oil. I also use BJCO on my excema and it calms it down and protects the skin. This stuff is gold!

5) Coconut Oil:

This does'nt work for me anymore. It's too light to weigh my frizzies down and isn't moisturising at all. My hair looks stringy and feels dry. I bought a small bottle of Parachute years ago and I won't be replacing it. There are more effective oils such as olive and avocado.

6) Henna:

I'm obsessed with henna! It gives a red tint and conditions the hair. The day after a long henna treatment is the best because I have "wonder hair". Straighter, thicker-feeling, and very shiny. I happily henna my hair every month for atleast 5 hours at a time. My favorite brand is Jamila. This one has given the most intense red colour for me.

7) Shealoe:

I've recently discovered this combo of half and half aloe vera gel emulsified with shea butter. Shea butter on it's own is heavy but mixed with a light, liquid and moisturising ingredient, it makes a effective moisturiser for ends. I was tired of using oils that only make it feel drier. This mix is perfect for keeping my ends nourished and smooth without that dry-coated feeling.

8) Glycerin and Water Moisturiser:

Works well on skin as a light refreshing moisturiser. I tried it on my hair and it made more tangles and feels sticky. The strands cling together and my hair felt weaker. Now after washing I wait until my hair is almost dry and use a Tangle Teezer to get rid of the knots. I finish the ends with shealoe.

9) Avoiding SLS. Mineral Oil and Silicones:

The jury's out on whether these things ruin your hair or not. There are alternatives to SLS effective enough to remove dirt and grease. Personally SLS free or not, I'm fine with it because it gets washed out anyway. As for silicones, they remain on the hair. Granted for kick-ass detangling, silicone products are the most effective. My personal preference is to avoid them and look after the hair so they don't need silicones. Too much and they make hair flat and it builds up. This requires a strong wash to clarify the hair. So SLS is OK for very dirty days and avoid silicones. As for mineral oil, there isn't enough conclusive evidence that it causes harm. It can be washed out so I'm not bothered using products containing mineral oil.

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