Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nails Inc Alexa Cashmere Nail Polish

Nails Inc has a deal where an express manicure is £10 with a purchase of a nail polish. I chose this satin grey lilac from the Alex Chung range for £15. 

This is my favourite neutral colour. There are so many taupe, greys and beiges out there but add a little shimmer, a bit of lilac and it's the perfect nail polish. Relaxed and chic. Sometimes it's grey and other times it's mauve. The polish turns matte with a textured finish but with a top coat the finish will be smooth and shiny. Cashmere can be worn in a few ways. Looks amazing with glitter on top of it-I have to try that next time!

The rectangular silver top bottle looks smarter than the round bottles but the top is purely ornamental. It's not attached to the brush so you have to pull it off and unscrew the bottle. The brush is the thick "pro" type so it's easier to apply the nail polish.

PS. The midi ring is from Forever 21-only £2! 

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