Sunday, February 15, 2009

NYX Girls Nail Polish - Baby Doll

Got to try the pink nail polish I bought from my recent NYX haul. The packaging of their Girls Nail Polish is now akin to Anna Sui cosmetics.  A very girly bottle, with raised detailing on the glass a sparkly diamante in the centre.

Baby Doll is a deep pink metallic frost. It looked totally different on the website swatch but I did'nt mind because I love pink colours. The grooved handle made it easier to grip. The only thing I did'nt like about the nail polish was that it was streaky if you applied a thin coat. However it was fast drying so I could got the manicure done quickly. Staying power was OK, but not great. My manicure lasted three days before it chipped. Baby Doll appears a little paler in natural light compared to the picture above.

Rating: 3/5 Can't complain as it only cost $1.50 USD!


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  2. I bought it and received today. I thought I was daltonic when I first saw it because it is so different from the swatch on website. nothing as I expected!!! anyways yours look better than mine. I don't know if it the camera but mine looks more red.



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