Monday, February 9, 2009

Tan Leather Braided Belt and Thin Gold Mesh Belt

Another visit to the op shop and I have two new belts for my growing collection.

I've seen alot of braided belts which remain in the store because they have been done to death by cheapo imports. They are in lurid colours, poorly constructed and designed for the "trend of the moment". This leather belt is none of the kind and is a steal for $4 AUD. It's understated in style and goes with all of my casual bottoms. It has the worn-in look like it becomes even more beautiful with age. 

Not sure what enticed me with the soft gold mesh belt aside from the $1 price tag. Perhaps it's how it moves fluidly between my fingers. It glimmers and being thin (1cm in width), there is a balance so it does'nt look overly blingy. Looks good with a black dress. Unfortunately as I was trying it on today, the slider flew off and is lost somewhere in my room. 

Scaling the floor with a torch proved to be futile. 

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