Sunday, February 22, 2009

More NYX Round Lipsticks - Cocoa #558 and Watermelon #616

I could'nt fight the urge to buy these since I was walking past the local cheapo store. Had my heart set on the "perfect" nude lipstick from my Nonpareil Boutique order, but Thalia was too pale without dark eye makeup. I found two perfect nudes from a messy pile of NYX lipsticks and best of all, they were only $2AUD each!

My ideal lipstick colour is Your Lips But Better (YLBB) and now I realise there are two types: creme and frost or Cocoa and Watermelon. 

Cocoa is a pinkish brown which darkens but not enough to make it look like I've got chocolate smeared on my lips. It has the delish creamy texture similar to Thalia. 

Watermelon was an unexpected YLBB. It is a frosty cocktail pink which indeed reminds me of the fruit and has a subtle gold highlight. It's pink enough to be seen and sheer so I don't need to meticulously apply with precision. The texture's not as creamy as the other NYX lipsticks but I'm guessing that all frosts are matte. Helps when I apply clear gloss on beforehand.

Both have a faint cheap scent but it goes away shortly after it's applied. 

Not bad for quality since they are as cheap as chips!


  1. Hi there :) I also live in Sydney & I was just wondering what local cheapo store this was at as I have a horribly bad time looking for NYX products in Sydney!!
    Thanks :)

  2. Hi Ness, I found these in on the main street of Auburn-let me know if you need more details!

  3. Hi, I'm in Sydney too. Just wondering what sort of shop is it in Auburn that u find Nyx products?

  4. J, it's a cheapo homewares shop. Just take a look in the cosmetics and beauty section. :)

  5. Any ideas where to find NYX in Melbourne?



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