Thursday, August 13, 2009

Freebie Alert! PS-I've Sold Out (Some More)

In a bid to gain new blogger memberships in Australia,
Nuffnang is running a competition which ends on Friday 11th of September 2009. If you are a member and inspire new members to sign up, you have a chance in winning a $500 Red Balloon voucher for some serious adventure or culinary indulgence.

Regardless of whether you win or not, if you sign up to Nuffnang before the deadline, you will receive a FREEBIE pack from their sponsors, Coles Group & Myer Gift Cards, Redken, John West, Leggo’s, and Spring Valley.

I've seen pics of the pack (I have yet to receive mine) and it's a generous parcel full of goodies including a $10 Coles/Myer gift card!

I've sold out (even more so) because I've placed Nuffnang ads in this blog in the hope that I will earn a few extra pennies. If you have a blog, you can do this too!

Anyway if the freebie pack is incentive enough for you, by all means sign up to the website and please kindly mention that I send you! ;)

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