Sunday, August 2, 2009

Skin Benefits Anti-Wrinkle Under Eye Gel Patches

I'm hoarding sixteen packets of these.

I was in Newcastle and came across a cosmetic warehouse store in Hunter Street Mall. There were lots of cheap beauty items but the best purchase were these under eye patches. Each box were $1 AUD each. I bought one and after the first use, I got my friend to buy lots more!

A box contains 4 pairs so I'm set for the next two years.

The product is from Skin Benefits. It's from the UK and they sell for £2.50-£6 online.

They are "hydro-gel" patches which you stick under your eyes to moisturise and refresh them.

Advertising says the product "effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving a revitalising cooling sensation on contact. Also helps with puffiness and dark circles.

Contains vitamins A & E, Green Tea and Gingseng extract. Ideal for travel, including long haul flights that dehydrate the skin."

These patches work (atleast cosmetically) although I use them differently than instructed. You're supposed to wear them for 15-30 mins whereas I wear them overnight. The next morning the skin under my eyes are moisturised, refreshed and don't crease when I smile. A huge plus!

The patches are comfortable to wear because they are soft and flexible. They certainly feel like they are made of gel.

If I'm tired looking, I'll use these to perk up. They were especially useful during my recent trip to Melbourne where I had long days. Makes me look like I've had sleep when I've actually had very little.

For the price and effectiveness-they are a STEAL! I would buy more but they might not have a shelf life longer than 2 years.


  1. wow I never thought those things could actually work! Maybe I should try it...

  2. Yes indeed! If you can find them, definitely give them ago. They do wonders for the wrinkles around my eyes!



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