Monday, August 31, 2009

NYX Round Lipstick - Power #629

Bought another NYX Round Lipstick since I'm on a roll. So far I have five of these cheap thrills and will be collecting more.

I have a thing about finding the perfect "smear it on anytime, anywhere" nude lipstick. Otherwise I would'nt wear lipstick at all because bold colours are too high maintenance!

At first I thought Thalia was too pale and now Strawberry Milk is the new "too pale". I was hoping that Power would be the medium.

It applies as velvety and creamy as Thalia. More wearable than Strawberry Milk as it is a touch darker although not the perfect nude since it's overtly pink lilac. Word of warning: if Power was anymore blue toned, you could look like you have hypothermia!


  1. apparently nyx's round lipstick in 'orange soda' is the perfect nude lipstick!

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  3. You look gorgeous with all nyx lipsticks.

  4. wow I thought It was a little more peachy, but the pink is really pale in fact! thanks so much =D I think I'll just choose orange soda



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