Monday, August 24, 2009

NYX Round Lipstick - Strawberry Milk #595

Was feeling depressed on the weekend so I bought a little something to pick me up.

Remember my post on Ulta3 Allure 2 nail polish? If you wanted a lipstick that looked like the one Wendy James was wearing in I Want Your Love, or one to match the nail colour, then NYX Strawberry Milk is for you.

The colour resembles strawberry milkshake. It is paler than my skintone and when I first tried it, I was disappointed. The lipstick was very pale. Looked like I painted my lips with white zinc! Oh well, nevermind since it was only $2 AUD.

I've seen pics of girls who can pull the colour off but I looked like a freaky clown! The lipstick was streaky which only emphasised my dry lips.

After reading reviews in Makeupalley, I learned that the trick was to apply on primed lips with a light hand.

So after I applied Vaseline on my lips, I softly dabbed the lipstick on and indeed it made a pleasing difference. My lips were a pretty pale pink and looked fuller than normal.

A smidge of Strawberry Milk is all that was needed. It lasts well and there was no problems with streaking when applied this way. Love the fun nude pink colour. This is definitely a lipstick which I can wear everyday!


  1. I'm in Sydney, where did you get the NYX?

  2. At a cheapo store on the main street of Auburn. Can't recall the name but it's near St Vinnies.

  3. I really like this color! I have it on my Cherry Culture Wish List!



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