Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lancome Virtuôse Black Carat Mascara

This is a deluxe sized freebie sample which I keep in my handbag.

While it takes some time to get used to the curved brush, once mastered, it separates lashes really well. Within two coats, I was clump free and my lashes were noticeably longer. I love it - its one of my favourite mascaras because it lives up to it's promises:

*Bold results with a deep glossy black colour.
*Easily removable. If I'm not applying a heavy coat, it can be removed with soap and warm water.
*Does a great job lengthening and separating lashes. It even curls them a little.
*The brush is perfectly designed for minimal clumping and separation.
*Mascara is build-able for brushing out perfect long lashes.
*Virtually smudgeproof-an optimistic promise but one which it satisfies. I get a few flecks of mascara transferred under my eyes but definitely no smudges.
*Lashes look and feel natural. No stiffness or "spiderlegs"!

It breaks it promises on volumizing lashes though. I get better results with Diorshow or Pupa's Diva Lashes. Also I found that it dries quickly which means a shorter life-span once opened. However this could be because of the small tube and it contains less product.

I still think this is a great mascara. It's worth a try if you want something new and effective!


  1. Oh my gosh! I got a mini size like that in a palette I got from lancome and it was love at first application! I rarely use non-waterproof formulas but it's amazing isn't it? Curl, length and definition, the fine sturdy bristles are really awesome. I wish I had access to freebie sized tubes!

  2. Yup I'm pretty happy with it but at the moment I'm using fiberwig cos I'm lazy with mascara removal.



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