Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American Apparel Poppy

This is the second nail polish I ordered from American Apparel. Hoping to buy more in NY since they're cheap and the colours are amazing. I also like the shape of their bottles since they take less space.

Poppy is neon orange red. Corals are on trend at the moment but does'nt suit my skin tone. It pops (pardon the pun!) on paler skin but it makes my hands look sallow.

The consistency of this polish is not as smooth as Mount Royal. I found it streaky and the brush does'nt splay as easily as I would like. I had to use numerous strokes to distribute the polish as it runs down the stem of the brush quickly.

Poppy did'nt last as long on my nails. I had to remove it by the fourth day. Please let these problems be isolated because I love everything else about AA polishes!

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