Monday, May 24, 2010

American Apparel Berry

This is the last of the nail polish set from American Apparel, Berry. The colour is how I'd imagine plum juice to look like. The point where mauve turns to red. In natural light, you can see the purple undertone.

While the colours are unique, I would'nt buy AA nail polishes again unless I can find them cheaper. They are glossy, creamy and well pigmented, but they don't last long and the brush is the biggest let down. It's way too long. Globs of nail polish dribbles down as you apply. If I'm too slow, I end up with a layer that floods the cuticles.

If AA improves their brushes, I'd think they are worth their UK RRP. I would never fault them on their colours though. They are amazing!


  1. This looks so great on you!! love the berry shade.

  2. What a pretty shade! Looks great on you!

  3. i order this brand next week !!



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