Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oushka Leather Handbag

I'm finding op shop goodies every weekend, buying only things I need like work clothes and ahem, more handbags.

I recently discovered an awesome string of charity shops in West Hampstead. Spent hours there on Saturday morning hunting for pretty things. I like to unwind this way and my heart even races when I find something special.

The shops in West Hampstead are tidy and the stock is good quality. I bought a French dictionary for 99p because I'm learning French.

Check out this itty bitty handbag from London label, Oushka. It was £3.50. Can't believe the previous owner gave this baby away.

The bag is in brand new condition. I love the soft slouchy leather and gold hardware. Only fits the bare essentials but who cares for a bargain like this!

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