Thursday, August 5, 2010

French Sole Ballet Flats

My faithful flats are worn to death so I ordered two pairs from French Sole. I'm a hater of heels now.

French Sole (and their US counterpart, London Sole) are feet friendly because they're soft and light. I can imagine them moulding to my feet.

These are in the Simple style although the black ones are cut lower at the toe. The soles are thin so after I wear them once or twice (for extra grip), I'll get rubber ones put on.

For those who are reluctant to buy online without trying on first, the size guide is quite accurate. I'm normally 6 Aus, 3 UK and 36 Euro, and their 37 fits me fine.

The shoe boxes are so freaking cute. The ballet flats were on sale for £40 each and shipping was next-day.

Now I get to wear them in Paris this weekend. Love 'em!

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