Monday, August 30, 2010

Rimmel Pro Maxi Brush Royal Rose

I wanted to try the Rimmel Pro line since I heard raves on their Maxi Brush. As you can see below, the brush is wider and flatter than normal. It's about 75mm at it's widest. I found that I only needed one slow stroke for each coat, except for my thumbnails where two is required.

Dark colours would benefit most from this feature as the Maxi Brush promises "mistake free application." Not impossible but certainly easier to apply an even coat.

Royal Rose is a delicately shimmery salmon pink. A fresh summer colour. It's sheer as even after three coats as pictured, I can still see nail whites. Took a while to dry but the shiny finish is worth it.

It says on the bottle "Professional Finish up to 10 days". Will edit this post later to report if that's true!

1 comment:

  1. That's a very pretty colour - I just wish it wasn't so sheer :-(

    I love nailpolishes that have easy applicator brushes - I hate the brushes on Revlon nailpolishes - they are so skinny and hardly apply any product!



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