Monday, August 16, 2010

Herman Brown Vintage Silk Scarf & Lucite Hairclip

I'm back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with two souvenirs, a hand painted silk scarf and a lucite hair clip. They're from the vintage clothing store Herman Brown.

The owner Anna Nicholson gave me some tips on how to wear large square scarves like this one:

1) folded over the diagonal and knotted at the back, cowl necked style.
2) folded over at 1.5 inches intervals from a side and knotted around the neck.
3) loosely rolled over the diagonal and knotted at the center of the decolletage.
4) crumpled over the diagonal and tied over a handbag handle.
5) Worn as a head scarf, belt or sarong.

I'm told that the lucite mother of pearl hair clip is from the 50s.

If you're after a unique accessory, do have a look in vintage shops. You will not see the same item anywhere else and it will be a classic.

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