Sunday, August 8, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull PM Review

You're probably thinking "what the..." when you're reading about LV on this blog but I confess that I splurged.

I went to Paris for the weekend to meet a dear girlfriend and an innocent day of shopping ended with as an uncontrollable spree. We visited the Champs Elysees LV store and when I saw this bag, there was nothing stopping my appetite to acquire pretty things.

The Neverfull models are relatively cheaper compared to other LV bags. I chose the PM because it sits well on my frame and does'nt engulf me. The larger bags (MM and GM) did'nt cost that much more.

Although the PM is the smallest size, it's roomy and the side straps can be loosened to expand the bag further. One initial complaint is that the shoulder straps are thin so they're a bit painful if you're carrying a full bag. I'm sure they'll eventually soften over time.

I keep bits and bobs in a clear plastic zip case so I don't need to scoop out the entire contents of the bag to find something.

Some people say that the bag is reversible but personally I would'nt do it. Seems counterintuitive when coated canvas is a lot more durable and stain resistant.

The cloth interior print is quaint. I like how it features the address of the store where I bought it from. The bag is the perfect souvenir!

Needless to say, no more handbags for a long long time.


  1. that bag is so cute, gotta love it ❤

  2. Ooh it's so tiny and cute! i got the mm in singapore but sadly.. no box. They just stuffed the bag in a dustbag.



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