Sunday, August 29, 2010

Singer Featherweight 100 Sewing Machine - My New Toy

Pulling a random thread on my skirt resulted in me completely unravelling the hem. So rather than taking it to the tailors, I bought this itty bitty sewing machine.

It's extraordinarily compact, well constructed and the name "Featherweight" is fitting. I paid £45 for mine but if you're patient, you can get one cheaper from Ebay.

Professional repairs are not cheap in London and I only need to repair 5 garments to break even.

I had missed my sewing machine from home. When I was kid, I hand sewed a pair of ballet slippers from a pink gingham teatowel. I expected Mum to be cross when she found out but she recognised my hobby and bought a sewing machine.

We did'nt have much money to buy clothes so I made what I could'nt afford. I used it to make my school skirt, formal dress and hundreds of customised singlet tops for sale on Ebay. Not to mention all the countless repair jobs and trouser hemmings.

This sewing machine operates beautifully. Looking forward to continuing my love of sewing!


  1. I have got the same sewing machine!!

  2. hay ive got the same too! just wondering if theres any chance anyone can upload the manual?

  3. I just bought the same machine but also didn't come with the manual and can't find it anywhere on the net, does anyone know where to find this? :( many thanks for any advice x

  4. I tried looking and could'nt find anything either. I'd keep an eye out for oneon ebay or contact Singer.

  5. Hi Emma, the manual of the machine can be found here:

    Please, when I try winding the bobin the neddle doesn't disengage and it still moves when winding.

    Can you please tell me how I can stop the needle from moving when winding the bobin ?

  6. Did anyone find a manual for this little baby? Picked it up today.



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