Friday, January 2, 2015

Three Comforting Products For Snow Weather

Happy new year dear readers! 

I've come back from skiing in Austria and my girlfriend yesterday complimented me on my skin. I said it was due to the Tyrolian tap water. Unfortunately I was not able to bring it back with me in my suitcase :(

When in the snow, the conditions are harsh on skin and after plenty of Nivea Soft, here are three products I tried in the snows that worked a treat.

1) Molton Brown Protecting Vitamin Lip Saver. This was in our toiletry packs from the chalet and it's a vital product in the snow. My lips chap easily and although lanolin is my favorite lipcare, it turns hard in the cold. So much that I can't squeeze it out of the tube unless it's kept warm. The Molton Brown Lip Saver is petroleum jelly based so the temperature isn't a problem and it does a good job keeping lips soft and protected from the wind, dry air and cold. 

2) Bioderma Atoderm Nutri Protective Cleansing Cream-I brought a sample of this for the trip and will buy the full sized version when my cleanser runs out. It's gentle and has a refreshing scent. It foams which I like for a cream cleanser. It can be used on the face and body so it saves having to carry two things while travelling. I love Bioderma products and when in Paris, I stock up because it's the cheapest in France.

3) Eau Thermale Avene Soothing Repair Mask-the exposed areas on my face is always red after skiing so it felt good to put this translucent cream on to calm it down. After 10 minutes you're supposed to wipe it off but since it feels a bit greasy, I rinse it away. This mask really does work to soothe wind and cold chapped skin-perfect for the snows!

What are your favorite winter skincare products?

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