Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vintage Favre Leuba Watch

One of my deepest regrets is losing my Favre Leuba vintage watch. I was going through my bag on the tube and put the watch on my lap and kept on rummaging. Later I walked off the train completely forgetting about it. 

I've been searching Ebay for the same watch but sadly with no luck. But I found this Favre Leuba watch listed for 99p. I ended up buying it for £6 including shipping! It keeps time and needs to be rewound every 40 or so hours. I like the idea of hand winding watches because I like to rotate my watches often and I like hearing them tick. It's a comforting sound.

I like collecting vintage Swiss watches. It's rare to find modern watches with a slender bracelet and small face. My wrists are tiny and large dials end up on the side or under my wrist.  

The width of this watch is only 13mm. It's gold plated. There is tiny engraving that says "plaque org 10 microns". 

With my other vintage wind up watch. I bought the Rotary watch from a vintage jeweller. It was probably from the 60s. 

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