Sunday, January 22, 2012

Biotin For Hair & Nail Growth

Pardon the silly outfit. I just wanted to show you the longest my hair has ever been and I think it's because of biotin. I was trying to regrow it after it thinned out due to stress.

However for few years now my hair's been the same length as below. The ends are dry and brittle. I had highlights and those areas are the first to split so regular trims are a must. I miss having longer hair so I'm taking biotin again.

I take a minimum 1000µg or 1mg a day after food. There are super doses of the stuff like 5mg but I think that's excessive. Some people have reported breakouts when they take too much.

I can already notice my nails growing faster and it's only been a week. So in case you're wondering, I think biotin works!

Will post again in a few months time to show results.


  1. hair looks great. My hair is really thin so I get split ends really easily so i constantly need to cut it which means it never gets long!!

    the ugly moments

  2. Yup, that's exactly the problem. Hopefully the biotin will give my hair an extra boost!

  3. Hi Emma, guess u have been taking Biotin for a couple of months now. Has your hair grown in volume or see new hair growing?

    1. It has grown in length, about 10 cm in 6 months *(including a trim) but not in volume.



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