Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Haul-Kiehl's, Dr Bronner's and Daiso

Went to Hampstead and bought a swag of stuff. 

Amongst the high end stores is an independent pharmacy and they stock lesser known but quality products. Like Dr Bronner's. I bought a huge bottle of the rose liquid soap since it's the best value for money. I've heard about it's multitude of uses (even for brushing your teeth-ew!) and figured if it's no good for my hair, I could use it for my laundry and kitchen floors.

I tried it as a shampoo. It's concentrated, runny and smells more like geranium than rose. I made sure to use a 10p sized amount and scrubbed with plenty of water. 

People have complained that it's dried their hair out but not for me. I like how it's made with organic ingredients and that it's SLS free. While it suds up well, it leaves a terrible residue in my hair. I'm now using it as bathroom cleaner and body wash.

Also bought two products from Kiehl's and they gave me three complementary deluxe samples, toiletry bag and more samples. I got the Ultra Facial Cleanser, Kiehl's Baby and samples were Creme de Corps (lush but expensive), Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser and a new product, CDC Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter (smells and looks delish). 

And since I was wondering around the Japan Centre in Piccadilly Circus, I bought this cute Japanese peel off mask. The brand is Daiso which is dirt cheap in Asian countries but I paid three times more for it here. It's black and thick as tar. As for it's effectiveness, it leaves your skin softer (I'm guessing because dead skin flakes and fine hairs are removed.) but it's not good at removing blackheads. Pore strips do a better job and it's not as messy. Will not be buying this again!


  1. I'm really really sorry to have to tell you this but Daiso's $2 here!!

  2. I paid £4 for mine. European mark up :(



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