Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revlon Iced Mauve 151 Nail Polish

Years ago I was infatuated with a Japanese girlfriend's nail polish. It was different to most pinks, elegant rather than girly. The HG. I loved it so much, she gave me the bottle and I used it until it could no longer be revived by thinner. 

Sadly I still can't find a dupe to this day but this is close. The original is dustier and paler. 

Revlon Iced Mauve is an old classic. I bought this from a discount beauty store for 4 AUD. 

The formula is good but it could dry faster. No streaks. One coat is enough for opacity. It takes a few days to start chipping and that's without a top coat. This will be my new staple.


  1. beautiful color! Revlon nail polishes are really good

  2. I agree Diane! This is still on my nails and not too shabby looking after 5 days.



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