Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Body Shop White Musk Perfume OIl

If you grew up in an isolated country town like I did, you might have regarded The Body Shop as a luxury. I rarely travelled as a teenager so obtaining their products was a treat.

I remember when The Body Shop covered a niche. It offered delicious-smelling effective face and body care. The products were simply packaged with a social conscious.

Nowadays it's socially conscious marketing is fiercer than ever. My guess is to avoid appearing as mainstream as the other brands of Loreal.

I miss the old Body Shop. It feels pretentious now. I even miss the basic logo emblazoned on every label.

Despite all changes, my love for the White Musk range stays strong. I adore the colour of the soap and how it smells clean and sexy at the same time. White Musk is serene and uncomplicated. It's my dreamy "home" scent.

I bought the perfume oil as opposed to the EDT. It does'nt contain alcohol and it's concentrated so one dab lasts for hours. I can't speak for all perfume oils, but this one smells true from application to the last remnant of scent.

I wish The Body Shop would reintroduce their larger range of perfume oils. I loved testing them in the store and mixing my own concoctions! Does anyone else remember doing this?

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