Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sportsgirl Grey Nail Polish - Storm

To match the dreary skies of London, I wore grey nail polish for the first time today.

Was tres pleased with Sportsgirl's Storm. It actually looks neutral. I'd have no problems wearing it to a job interview.

The first coat was pale and it looked like I was putting on correction fluid. With most pastels, it goes on streaky but as long as you keep the brush loaded, it will be evenly opaque by the second coat. Storm is a creme with a subtle difference. It can barely be seen but surely enough, there is a smidge of frost.

I love this creamy grey because it doesn't look dirty. It even appears lilac in cloudy light.

As for the formulation, it applies thicker than most polishes. It dries fast and will probably turn gluggy over time. Still it's not bad for a polish which cost less than $4 AUD!

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