Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eyeko 3-In-1 Highlighter Cream

My shopping habits are spinning out of control. Especially for someone who is unemployed. Currently I'm fighting the urge to buy more MAC and NYX cosmetics.

A few days ago I ordered from ASOS and placed a second order today.

I also signed up to their Premier program for £24.95 which means free next-day delivery for a year with no minimum spend. (I need to order 13 times to breakeven.)

The first ASOS parcel arrived today.

In pursuit of a dewy and luminous complexion, I ordered the Eyeko cream. It was out of stock on the Eyeko site for more than a week (atleast since I started looking) so I had to get it from ASOS.

Eyeko cream comes in a generously sized pink tub with Manga themed packaging. It was £4.90 from ASOS. The product has a moussey texture and is pink pearl coloured. (Hard to see in the above but it's quite pearlescent.)

The cream contains dimethicone so it feels silky and makes a good primer. It's hailed to be a moisturiser, highlighter and eyecream in one. Because it spreads like a gel and dries quickly, I don't think it's moisturising although it certainly highlights and brightens. It can be applied under the eyes, along brow bones, cheekbones and the nose.

I mixed a dab into my moisturiser and my skin glows! The photo on the below left was taken indoors with natural lighting and on the right was taken with tungsten. The dewyness is more noticeable with artificial light.

Please don't mind the strange facial expressions. I did'nt wear foundation or concealer in either pics and they were'nt touched up.

I love this highlighter. So far it's the best product I've used from Eyeko. It illuminates and improves the appearance of my complexion without looking fake or excessively shiny. It does'nt feel like I'm wearing makeup either.

Can't imagine leaving the house without it on. Why did'nt I discover this cream earlier?


  1. Hi!

    I read that you're an Aussie - would you know where I could get the Eyeko Cream from? I really want one, but not sure how I can get it for not too much money!

    Clare xx

  2. Hi Clare, You can buy it from the website: or



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