Friday, February 19, 2010

Luscious Leather Wedge Boots

Stupid feet! Why oh why is it so hard to find shoes my size?

I'm a size 6 Aus, which is 3 in the UK. It's the smallest adult size and sometimes they can still be too big.

I was in a Camden op shop today and found these funky wedge boots with the lushest leather. Buttery soft leather inside and out. They had recently been Topied (protected soles) so the condition was amazing.

Would have bought them in a jiff because they were only £8.50. After trying to convince myself that I fit into them, I realised I was kidding myself. The boots were a size too big. But oh my goodness, the leather was so glossy and divine!

I took this picture in the changeroom with my iphone. I'm obsessed. Should I go back and rescue them? Perhaps I could stuff the toes with newpaper. Heh heh!

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