Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Parachute Coconut Oil For Hair - A Conclusion

Just a follow up on my experience with coconut oil as a hair treatment.

I proudly announce that coconut oil has dramatically improved my dry damaged hair!

While I don't think it made my hair grow any faster or thicker than normal, I don't have frizzies anymore. Even a male-friend asked what I did to it because it's not as "fluffy" as it used to be.

Thanks to coconut oil, my hair is on the mend. I can even see that the mid lengths are blacker and thicker than the ends. A year ago a hairdresser thought I had bleached it when in fact it was damaged from GHD use and swimming at the beach.

Initially I used the coconut oil as a deep conditioning treatment but now that I live in London, it solidifies in the colder climate. Walking about the house with waxy hair is not pleasant!

I now use it on dry hair after I've washed it like a serum. This is a quicker method of conditioning and it weighs down the flyaways. Works really well with my hair blowdried straight, or naturally dried curly. In fact, curls form well with the coconut oil because they are glossy and more defined.

For long hair, use between half to a teaspoon of coconut oil. (I use a full teaspoon.) Spread it across your hands and around your fingers. Then evenly distribute it by smoothing it through your hair, starting from the ends. It looks a bit oily at first but my hair DRINKS it up. That's how dry it is. My hair gets softer and sleeker for days until I wash it again.

It can also be used as a body lotion, hand treatment and cuticle oil. It moisturises like nothing I've tried before and absorbs quickly. I love it!

I highly recommend coconut oil. Go try it, girls! It's cheap, smells yummy, has heaps of uses and it's 100% natural.

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