Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rimmel Lasting Finish - Exotica

I bought this nail polish from the last time I was living in London. Exotica was a vibrant metallic red. (Sorry I'm no good at describing reds to great detail.) What made it extra special was the glimmer of gold dust mixed through it. So pretty!

You can hardly notice the gold except for a tiny hint in the shine.

Rimmel is really cheap in the UK. I think this was £2.5o?

The only downside was contrary to the name - it's does not have a lasting finish. I wore this a day before I had a job interview and it was already chipped by then. I had done some housework but it was'nt too rough on my nails. Fail!!!


  1. I can see the hint of gold though! It's such a lovely colour...

    Why is Rimmel so much more expensive in Melbourne?!~?!?!

    I hate it that OPIs are really expensive in shops here as well and that I need to order it online.

  2. That is such a pretty red! I love how the shimmer adds depth to it!

  3. i love this red, but i can't buy it no more in germany.....



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